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Marine Diesel Engines

We boast extensive experience as a top-tier builder of marine diesel engines in the global market, and our integrated service system extends from new model design and production to sales and after-sales services. These valuable assets enable us to meet increasingly diversified customer needs and provide engines that satisfy ever-stricter environmental regulations.

Low Speed Diesel Engines

HSD Engine is the leading player in low speed diesel/gas power plants. Aggregate production reached the 100 million bhp milestone, evidence of our extensive performance record and experience. We have achieved several milestones in the industry to include the world’s first large electronically-controlled marine engine in 2003, and the world’s largest marine engine to date in 2005. In 2013, we became the first engine builder to commercialize a Dual-Fuel low speed engine.

  • Low Speed Diesel/Gas Power Plants
  • HSD Engine has entered into a technical alliance with WinGD in Switzerland in 1984 and has pursued R & D to develop next-generation engines and meet environmental regulations.

HSD-WinGD Low-Speed Engine Power Range

HSD-WinGD Dual-Fuel engines

HSD-WinGD Dual-Fuel engines
Engine Type power[MW] Speed [rpm]
WinGD RT-flex50DF 제품의 최저출력, 최고출력의 시각적 그래프 99 – 124
WinGD X52DF 79 – 105
WinGD X62DF 80 – 103
WinGD X72DF 69 – 89
WinGD X82DF 65 – 84
WinGD X92DF 70 – 80

HSD-WinGD Generation X Engine

Doosan-WinGD Generation X Engine
Engine Type power[MW] Speed [rpm]
WinGD X35-B 제품의 최저출력, 최고출력의 시각적 그래프 118 – 167
WinGD X40-B 104 – 146
WinGD X52 79 – 105
WinGD X62-B 77 – 103
WinGD X72-B 66 – 89
WinGD X82-B 58 – 84
WinGD X92 70 – 80

HSD-WinGD RTA and RT-flex Engines

HSD-WinGD RTA and RT-flex Engines
Engine Type power[MW] Speed [rpm]
WinGD RT-flex48T-D 제품의 최저출력, 최고출력의 시각적 그래프 102 – 127
WinGD RT-flex50-D 95 – 124
WinGD RT-flex50T-D/-E 84/90 – 105

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Global Performance

Global Performance

We have developed environment friendly engine and the largest engine for the first in the world. Doosan Engine will support the shipbuilding industry of Korea.



We make the full range of large diesel engines and have played an important role in making Korea the world's leading shipbuilder. We also construct diesel power plants.

Brochures / Catalogues

Brochures / Catalogues

Various promotional publications provide the details on shat our business is and how well we perform.

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