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As an integrated engine maker, HSD
Engine has been a pillar of the Korean
shipbuilding industry. We have
specialized in marine diesel engines, a
key component for the shipbuilding
industry, as well as in diesel power

Marine Diesel Engines

As the world’s top maker with years of experience in marine diesel engines, we provide the best service to satisfy our customers.

Diesel/Gas Power Plants

Based on our in-depth experience in manufacture, we build medium- and low-speed diesel/gas engine-based internal combustion power plants to supply energy all over the world.

Engine Parts

Our “3 Bests”—Best Speed, Best Quality and Best Price—policy represents our firm commitment to providing outstanding customer value through our global network.

Eco-Friendly System

A selective catalytic reduction system solely based on HSD Engine’s innovative technology. DelNOx is an eco-friendly method to remove up to 90% of nitrogen oxide released in exhaust gas from engines.

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