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Introduction to Doosan Engine

Introduction to Doosan Engine

The strength in us resembles that of the ocean.
Like that powerful energy in constant ocean currents.
This strength brings life to unlimited possibilities and a brighter future.
So it's more powerful and more perfect.
With this strength, we sail through the rough waters and dream of a bold, new future.

Heart of Shipbuilding. Dream the future.

We are HSD Engine.

HSD Engine which has been operating a successful marine engine business since 1983, Has served as the No.1 marine engine brand and driving force behind success for many customers.

While operating an industry-leading marine engine business,
HSD Engine is continuously expanding its business, growing its high-efficiency diesel and gas Power Plants business,
Engine parts business,
Eco-friendly systems
HSD Engine is further strengthening its position as a company specializing in engines.

Through marine engines, HSD Engine generates the most powerful energy in the most innovative way.

After developing the world's first and largest electronically controlled engine and, commercializing the world’s first dual-fuel, low-speed marine engine,
HSD Engine reached the 100 million BHP milestone in cumulative global engine production in 2017,
Dominating the industry as the unparalleled, No.1 marine engine brand.

Also, incorporating its patented designs and innovative technologies, HSD Engine is developing the most advanced, low-vibration and low-noise engines the world has ever seen.

HSD Engine’s diesel and gas engine power plants generate energy in the most efficient way possible.

We provide a comprehensive service from basic plant designs to plant operation, maintenance and repairs.

HSD Engine makes sure that its customers’ engines are operating in the best condition.

Based on its 3Best customer satisfaction philosophy which represents ‘best price’, ‘best delivery’ and ‘best service’, HSD Engine supplies various original parts through its global network.

HSD Engine provides quick and perfect parts services to make sure all of its engines are operating in optimal condition.

HSD Engine protects our planet by bringing eco-friendly systems into the world.

DelNOx developed solely using HSD Engine’s technology is an eco-friendly system that decomposes harmful substances contained in exhaust gas into water and nitrogen and it helps various vessels and power plants meet regulations for nitrogen oxide emissions.

Also, HSD Engine stays true its ‘3More’ philosophy by offering amazing space efficiency, pipe installations and quick customer response for the SCR system.

The continuous innovation is the secret behind HSD Engine’s success.

Focusing on systematic engine research in vibration, performance, structure and control,
HSD Engine is working endlessly to develop high-performance engine technologies.

HSD Engine has also developed the world’s first low-temperature marine SCR system to meet the IMO Tier III requirements and is trying to become leading player in the eco-friendly marine engine field.

Also, HSD Engine develops products that the customers can rely on through its 3Zero+ Quality Innovation Movement.

This movement for quality innovation drives HSD Engine to strive for perfection, customer trust and to offer quality diesel engines and services that can set global standards.

HSD Engine offers various customer support to achieve perfect customer satisfaction.

Our engines keep on running strong
Because we think from the customer's perspective and offer the optimal services they need.

Ultimately, the nature and people are what make us strong.

We try to fulfill our social responsibilities through reliable, human-centered management and by offering value to the stakeholders.

HSD Engine’s efforts to building a beautiful world including various environment protection activities, occupational safety and health management system and CSR activities based on the EHS principles will never stop.

We believe in the unlimited possibilities our engines hold.

We truly believe in a safer and more prosperous future.

These are the reasons why we constantly work to develop better engines.

Heart of Ship-building, Dream the future.

We are HSD Engine, the No.1 Engine in the World.

The promotional video shows how Doosan Engine’s
technologies have actually opened a new chapter in the
history of marine transportation, while others simply
proclaim themselves to be the world’s best.

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