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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

BOD Composition & Functions

All BOD members are directors.

BOD Composition & Functions
Voting type Name Position(Part/ Full-time status) Date of appointment Tenure Insured for Liability Remark
Internal Director KOH YOUNG YOUL CEO (standing) 3 yrs. Yes Representative Director
KIM KWAN SIK CEO (standing) 3 yrs. Yes
Non-executive Director LEE BYUNG KOOK Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes
JUNG SEUNG WON Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes BOD Chairman
KIM RAK GU Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes
LEE NAM RYUNG Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes
Outside Director HONG SUNG PYO Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes
LEE KYE YUN Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes
KIM CHEOL Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes
KIM DONG HOE Director (non-standing) 3 yrs. Yes

BOD Rules

  1. 1. Directors shall be elected at the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The election of each member shall be done by separate ballot.
  2. 2. The director’s appointment shall be made by a majority vote of shareholders with voting rights who attend the GSM. However, at least 25% of all issued voting stock must be represented for the selection to be valid.
  3. 3. Article 23 of the Articles of Incorporation states that each share represents the right for one vote. When more than one direction is selected, cumulative voting shall not be permitted, as stipulated in Article 382-2 of the Commercial Law of Korea.

BOD Activities

BOD Committees

BOD Committees
  No. of Members  
Committee Name Outside Directors Main Functions Remarks
Audit Committee 4 (HONG SUNG PYO, LEE KYE YUN,
Outside Director Nomination Committee 4 (HONG SUNG PYO, LEE KYE YUN,
Recommend candidates for outside director

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Global Performance

Global Performance

We have developed environment friendly engine and the largest engine for the first in the world. Doosan Engine will support the shipbuilding industry of Korea.



We make the full range of large diesel engines and have played an important role in making Korea the world's leading shipbuilder. We also construct diesel power plants.

Brochures / Catalogues

Brochures / Catalogues

Various promotional publications provide the details on shat our business is and how well we perform.

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