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Here is a look at how HSD Engine has come to be a world leader.

Beginning of Engine Industry (1980 ~ 1989)

  • 1983, Hankook Heavy Industries launched engine business

    – Hankook Heavy Industries, which was the predecessor of Doosan Heavy Industries, launched engine business for the first in Korea.

  • 1983, Technical tie-up with MAN B&W A/S, Denmark

    – Technical tie-up with MAN B&W which is one of the global leaders in large, low speed engines.

  • 1984, Commissioned the first engine

    – The first engine of Hankook Heavy Industries, 6L60MC type, 12,480 Hp, was successfully commissioned.

  • 1984, Technical tie-up with SEMT-Pielstick, France

    – Technical tie-up with S.E.M.T-Pielstick to extend the manufacturing basis for low speed and medium speed engines.

  • 1984, Technical tie-up with Sulzer, Switzerland

    – Technical tie-up with Sulzer which was the predecessor of Wartsila for mas production.

  • 1985, Completed N. Jeju Diesel Power Plant

    – Extended business line to diesel power plant construction, in addition to marine engines.

  • 1987, Produced the largest engine in the world at that time

    – Official commissioning of the 12RTA84T, a Wartsila type, 57,120 Hp engine, which was the largest engine ever produced in the world, at that time.

Growth of Engine Industry (1990 ~ 1999)

  • 1990, Completed Namjeju Diesel Power Plant

    – Upgraded technical power by construction of the Namjeju Diesel Power Plant, following the Bugjeju Plant.

  • 1994, Samsung Heavy Industries launched engine business

    – Samsung Heavy Industries launched engine business, which became the predecessor of Doosan Engine.

  • 1994, Established a joint venture in China for canning products

    – Established a joint venture in Dalian, China, to manufacture engine parts.

  • 1995, Official commissioning of the first engine of Samsung Heavy Industries

    – Samsung Heavy Industries successfully commissioned its first product – 7RTA84C type, 38,570 Hp engine.

  • 1995, Cumulative total engine production recorded 5 million Hp

    – Cumulative total recorded 5 million Hp for 12 years since the launching of engine business in 1983.

  • 1996, Completed Guam Diesel Power Plant

    – The first diesel power plant constructed in foreign country let Doosan Engine’s name known in the global industry.

  • 1998, Cumulative total engine production recorded 10 million Hp

    – Rapid growth in capacity enabled doubling of cumulative total production in 3 years since recording 5 million Hp.

  • 1999, Agreement between Doosan Heavy Industries and Samsung Heavy Industries to establish an independent engine business

    – Doosan and Samsung Heavy Industries agreed to establish an independent engine maker – HSD Engine.

  • 1999, Founded and registered HSD Engine Co., Ltd.

    – The HSD Engine was incorporated with paid capital of KW5B.

Take-off to a Global Business (2000 ~ Current)

  • 2000, HSD Engine commenced business operation

    – In the new millennium, HSD, the predecessor of Doosan Engine, launched its business on regular basis.

  • 2000, Total 15M Hp, recorded highest monthly production in the world

    – Monthly production of 430,000 Hp hit the world record, and cumulative production reached 15M Hp.

  • 2001, Technical tie-up agreement with MAN B&W A/G, Daihatsu Diesel for medium speed Engine

    – Made technical tie-up with MAN B&W A/G and Daihatsu Diesel for the production of medium speed engines.

  • 2002, Total production recorded 20M Hp

    – On the basis of enhanced productivity, cumulative total engine production recorded 20M Hp, attracting the industry’s attention.

  • 2002, Completed General Plant

    – Completed construction of integrated engine plant to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • 2002, Commissioning of the largest engine since the establishment of HSD Engine

    – The largest marine engine, at that time, max. output power of 93,120 Hp was successfully commissioned in the Assembly Shop No. 1.

  • 2002, Won $3ooM Export Tower Prize

    – Won the USD300M Export Tower Prize on the 39th Trade Day, with export amount of USD360M in 2001, 91% increase than the previous period.

  • 2002, Supply contract for emergency diesel power generation system in KEDO

    – Won the supply agreement of the nuclear power plant safety grade emergency diesel engines for the KEDO, taking the lead in the industry.

  • 2003, Completed the Diesel Power Plant in Eriteria

    – Completed the 88,000kW diesel power plant in Eriteria which will supply 71% of the total power demand in Eriteria.

  • 2003, Completed medium speed engine plant

    – Mass production capacity for medium speed engines was established – 150 medium speed engines/year, 3 medium speed engines simultaneously.

  • 2003, Production innovation movement (3C Movement)

    – The 3C Movement – Clean Factory for clean and tidy work environment, Clean Mind for observing the principles and order, and Clean Engine for thorough preparation and perfect finish.

  • 2003, Commissioning of the large ME engine for the first in the world

    – Produced and commissioned the ME electronically controlled marine engine developed by MAN B&W, for the first of a technical tie-up partner, strengthening the position and the world-best general engine maker in response to the rapidly changing market and technologies.

  • 2003, Won the Best Prize in the 7th Korea E-Biz Contest

    – Won the Korea E-Biz Grand Prize for the recognition of establishing a new e-business model through linking up internal-external information system network and IT cooperation with customers and contractors.

  • 2003, Received order for the internal combustion facilities in Cheju Thermal Power Plant

    – Concluded a supply agreement for a 40,000kW class pollution-free diesel power plant equipped with de-NOX, de-Sox and dust collector systems, for the first ever in the world.

  • 2004, Received plaque of merit from Samsung Heavy Industry for Claim Improvement in 2003

    – Received a plaque of merit from Samsung Heavy Industries for the recognition of reduced user claim and enhanced quality.

  • 2004, Commissioned RT-Flex 96C engine for the first in the world

    – Officially commissioned the 8RT-flex96C, a Wartsila type electronically controlled engine, for the first in the world, leading the industry.

  • 2004, Cumulative total production recorded 30M Hp

    – Since the launch of the first engine 1984, recorded total engine production of 30 million Hp in 20 years.

  • 2005, Declared company vision

    – Declared No.1 Engine in the World vision to become the global top in the engine industry, on the basis of the best-class product quality and service.

  • 2005, Changed name to Doosan Engine

    – Changed name from HSD Engine to Doosan Engine to realize the vision Global top Engine Maker, as well as securing enterprise value by being a group affiliate.

  • 2005, Established Technology Center

    – Established the Technology Center which will be the Mecca of technology development. The Center was based on the careful consideration of the employees.

  • 2005, Selected as a trustful partner for custom office

    – Selected as a ‘Beautiful Custom Office Partner’ for trustful tax payment, increasing benefits and raising confidence.

  • 2005, Established CASCO which is a joint venture business

    – CASCO, a joint venture for castings, was established by Doosan Engine, LS Cable and Samyang Heavy Machinery.

  • 2005, Started construction of Parts Supply Complex in China

    – By constructing the parts supply complex in China, has secured stable supply of parts for the rapidly increasing demand for engines. The complex enabled to preoccupy the marine engine market in China which is rapidly growing up, with enhanced competitive power in technology and cost.

  • 2005, Won $500M Export Tower Prize

    – Won the USD500M Export Tower Prize for the recognition of increased export amount and quality, developing new overseas market, and world-top-class products.

  • 2006, Cumulative total production recorded 40M Hp

    – With the accumulated technology and know-how, advanced facilities and top-class human resources, recorded total engine production of 40M Hp for 22 years since the launch of engine business.

  • 2006, Completed construction of DMI, Dailian, China

    – DMI, which is the largest plant for manufacturing bed plates and frame box for large engines, was completed in Dailian Parts Complex. DMI, which is the largest plant for manufacturing bed plates and frame box for large engines, was completed in Dailian Parts Complex.

  • 2007, Won Presidential Prize for Single PPM

    – Won the President’s Prize for Excellent Single PPM Enterprise, in the 13th Quality Innovation Promotion Contest, managed by S&MBA, for the recognition of excellent quality.

  • 2007, Completed Assembly Plant #3

    – The 3rd Assembly Plant which can produce 3M/year Hp of engine with efficient production facilities specialized for engine size. The whole capacity was increased to 9M Hp of low speed engines per year.

  • 2007, Won $1B Export Tower Prize

    – Won the $1B Export Tower Prize, doubling the export amount of $500M in 2005 in 2 years.

  • 2008, Won ‘Q Mark Gold’ from Samsung Heavy Industry

    – Received ‘Q Mark Gold Certificate from Samsung Heavy Industries for the recognition of supplying top-quality engines through thorough quality management.

  • 2008, Cumulative total production recorded 50M Hp

    – Renewing the 40M Hp record in Oct., 2006, produced 50M Hp of engines in 1.5 years, reassuring the excellence of marine engine technology that has lead the shipbuilding industry of Korea.

  • 2009, Cumulative total production recorded 60M Hp

    – Aggregate production surpassed 50 million bhp in 2008 and topped the 60 million mark just 14 months later.

  • 2010, Aggregate Medium Speed Engine Output Breaks 1MkW Mark

    – Celebrated its reaching the 1 million-kW milestone in aggregate medium speed engine production in January 12 ceremony at the medium speed engine shop testing facility.

  • 2010, Premium Marine Engine with World’s Lowest Vibration Rate

    – Successfully developed an eco-friendly, vibration-controlled premium engine that boasts the lowest vibration rate in the world. The new engine not only satisfies the requirement of the International Maritime. Organization (IMO) but also reduces vibration by more than 50 percent compared with existing vessel engines.

  • 2010, Cumulative total production recorded 70M BHP

    – Completed its first marine diesel engine in 1984, and over the ensuing 26 years has built the equivalent of 70 million bhp in combined engine capacity. No other company, including those who have been in business in Europe and Japan for over a century, has ever reached this milestone so quickly.

  • 2010, Seoul Office Opened

    – The Seoul office will be in a position to provide more responsive services to major power generation customers in the Greater Seoul Area.

  • 2011, Successful Listing on the Korea Exchange

    – On January 4, the KOSDAQ IPO market opened its doors for the first time in 2011, and marked its listing in a ceremony at the Korea Exchange. Shares started out on a bullish note, rising the maximum allowed price during their first day of trading on the exchange. It was awarded the Presidential Prize in recognition of excellence as an outstanding large corporation in effort to achieve partnership in growth with suppliers.

  • 2011, Presidential Prize for Win-win Growth

    – In recognition of excellence as an outstanding large corporation in effort to achieve partnership in growth with suppliers and was honored with the Presidential Prize. The company has focused on supporting a single PPM campaign to help suppliers improve the quality of their products. A total of 97 domestic suppliers succeeded in obtaining quality certification from the government.

  • 2012, Integrated ERP System Goes Online

    – Officially launched DOOPIA, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system on January 2, 2012. This is the end result of the G1PI Project that began in June 2009. From 2012, most major work activities, from management to finance, will be conducted via DOOPIA.

  • 2012, Aggregate Diesel Engines Output Breaks 80M bhp

    – Achieved 80 million bhp in aggregate diesel engine production. This milestone was reached in world record time, just 27 years after the company completed its first marine diesel engine in 1984. The track record outperforms not only domestic competitors but also overseas ship engine builders in Europe and Japan, which have been in the business for more than a century.

  • 2013, Successful Commercialization of The World’s First Dual-Fuel Low Speed Marine Engine

    – We succeeded in commercializing the electronically controlled Dual-Fuel low speed marine engine that use both LNG and heavy oil. The engine earned a lump sum contract with a ship company in the United States, and we stand at the lead among competitors in environment-friendly engines for ships.

  • 2013, Develops World’s First Low-Temperature SCR for Vessels

    – Newly developed low-temperature SCR system is an eco-friendly facility that removes more than 90 percent of the nitrogen oxide contained in emission gas.

  • 2014, World’s First Low Speed Marine DF Engine passed test

    – On June 3, 2014, successfully completed the engine’s official trial run in the presence

  • 2017, Reaches 100-million Horsepower Milestone

    – The milestone was reached 33 years after the rollout of first marine diesel engines in 1984, and the company has exceeded the production records of other leading engine manufacturers in Europe and Japan.

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Global Performance

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We make the full range of large diesel engines and have played an important role in making Korea the world's leading shipbuilder. We also construct diesel power plants.

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Brochures / Catalogues

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