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About Us

HSD Engine has advanced in tandem with the diesel engine industry. Our quality is second to none, and we lead the industry in the development of the next-generation electronically-controlled marine diesels.

CEO Message

We are transforming and innovating in step with the rapidly changing industry in the 21st century to deliver top-quality engines to customers at the time they are needed. We are also passionate about providing the very best services available.


Our efforts are ongoing to be the world’s foremost diesel engine maker both qualitatively and quantitatively.


Here is a look at how HSD Engine has come to be a world leader.

Global Performances

HSD Engine works constantly to lead change and remain at the forefront of the industry.


The Corporate R&D Center of HSD Engine spearheads the technological development of world class environment-friendly diesel engines with ultra-performance through innovation and passion for supremacy.

Quality Management

We believe that quality excellence is the mark of a company’s true competitiveness. Our quality management program enables us to build some of the world’s very best engines.

Overseas Affiliated Company

HSD Marine Industry Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest complex that manufactures bedplates, frame boxes and other block parts for large marine engines.

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