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By establishing governance and strategy for CSR, HSD Engine is systematically implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility.

The newly established CSR strategy of HSD Engine is offering six promises along with new points of focus such as people-centered, reliable operation and stakeholder-oriented value provision.

The social responsibility management strategy system of HSD engine is very meaningful in that the stakeholder participates in the process of establishing the strategy and derives the key issues, and the strategy is derived based on it. In addition to the simple contribution and philanthropic activities, We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of stakeholders and raising the sustainability of the company.

Based on the social responsibility management strategy system, the HSD engine sets up strategies for each sector to minimize risks related to major issues, enhance business competitiveness, and promote activities that contribute to the development of social shared values. The HSD Engine discloses these social responsibility management activities results and plans in a transparent manner to stakeholders through CSR reports.

Strategy Strategy

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Global Performance

Global Performance

We have developed environment friendly engine and the largest engine for the first in the world. Doosan Engine will support the shipbuilding industry of Korea.



We make the full range of large diesel engines and have played an important role in making Korea the world's leading shipbuilder. We also construct diesel power plants.

Brochures / Catalogues

Brochures / Catalogues

Various promotional publications provide the details on shat our business is and how well we perform.

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