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EHS Policy

To guarantee the health and safety of its employees as well as the satisfaction of its internal and external stakeholders in accordance with its management philosophy of respect for human life and environmental conservation, HSD Engine has established and complies with the following EHS policy:

1. Prevention of Environmental and Health & Safety Accidents as a Top Priority

Create a safe and comfortable workplace by eliminating risk factors of environmental, safety and health hazard incidents that may occur during the management activities.

2. Operation of the EHS Management System

Establish and effectively operate management system to continuously minimize the impact of EHS on all management activities.

3. Compliance with Domestic and Overseas Regulations

Comply with domestic and overseas EHS regulations as well as other requirements, and set more stringent in-house standards of operation.

4. Development of Technology and Prevention of Pollution

Improve efficiency of resource and energy consumption by developing and applying environmentally-friendly clean technologies, and prevent environmental pollution.

5. Environmental Protection and the Fulfillment of Social Responsibility

Actively take part in the environmental protection efforts of local communities and fulfill social responsibilities.

President & CEO
HSD Engine


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